Planning Commission

The Oak Park Planning Commission is created under Act 285, Public Acts 1931 and City Ordinance. It is the responsibility of the planning commission to guide community development.  The planning commission also makes recommendations on zoning and other land controls as well as updating the Master Plan.

Master Plan
The City of Oak Park Planning Department developed a City Master Plan update that creates a clear set of objectives and provide direction for development and enhancement of the City over the next five years. Areas of focus include land use, community facilities, recreation, complete streets, and priority development sites.

The City worked closely with the general public, City staff, the Recreation Department, the Oak Park Library, Planning Commission and the City Council to develop the City Master Plan.

The plan update has been approved by the Planning Commission.  To view the plan please click here.  If you would like to send a public comment during the period of public comment please send it to or mail it to:

City of Oak Park
Attn. Kimberly Marrone
14300 Oak Park Blvd.
Oak Park, MI 48237

Public comments must be received by September 21, 2020



Annual Report
The City of Oak Park Planning Department complete an annual report to highlight all projects completed within the department for the Fiscal Year.  
Annual Report Fiscal 2016/2017
Annual Report Fiscal 2017/2018
Annual Report Fiscal 2018/2019

Complete Streets Plan
The Oak Park Planning Commission adopted a new Complete Streets Plan at their August 2018 meeting.  The plan is intended to consider all forms of transportation and abilities when planning for future street projects.  The plan will be a living document and updated when needed.  To view the Complete Streets Plan please click here.

Site Plan Approval
Site Plan involves a detailed and technical review of a site plan.  The review will include the location of buildings, layout of a site, pedestrian and vehicular circulation and access, landscaping, parking, screening etc., as well as conformance with existing master planning documents. 

Conceptual Site Review  The staff encourages you to do a conceptual site review.  This service is Free of charge and helps to expedite the approval process.  Please contact the City Planner at (248)691-7450 to schedule a meeting or call the Economic Development Director at (248)691-7404.

Site Plan Approval Ordinance
Site Plan Application
Site Plan Review Checklist
Site Plan Review Flowchart

Planning Commission Meetings

The Planning Commission regularly meets on the second Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall located at 14000 Oak Park Blvd., Oak Park, Mich.

Planning Commission Meeting Dates 2020

Meeting minutes
Meeting Agendas

              February 10, 2020  
              March 9, 2020
              June 8, 2020

              July 13, 2020


              January 14, 2019
              May 13, 2019
              July 8, 2019
              September 9, 2019
              October 14, 2019 - meeting cancelled lack of quorum
              November 12, 2019
             December 16, 2019 - meeting cancelled due to lack of business


              January 8, 2018 - No meeting, lack of business

              February 12, 2018
              March 12, 2018
              April 9, 2018
              May 14, 2018 - No Meeting, lack of business
              June 11, 2018 - No meeting, lack of business
              July 16, 2018 - No meeting, lack of business
              August 13, 2018
              September 10, 2018 - No meeting, lack of business
              October 8, 2018
              November 12, 2018
              December 10, 2018


              March 13, 2017              April 24, 2017
              May 8, 2017  
              June 12, 2017
              July 10, 2017
              August 14, 2017 - cancelled due to lack of quorum
              September 11, 2017
             October 9, 2017
             November 13, 2017
             December 11, 2017


The nine member Planning Commission provides citizen review and recommendations on planning-related matters to the City Council.  The Planning Commission is responsible for the preparation and adoption of the City Master Plan and advises City Council on the Zoning Ordinance and development proposals the Planning Commission has reviewed.  The Planning Commission meets on the second Monday of the month.

For more information about the Planning Commission, visit Planning Commission.

Helpful Forms and Links - Planning:

Building Permits
Liquor License Application
Massage Facility License

Outdoor Dining Application
Rezoning Application
Sign Permit Application
Site Plan Application
Temporary Sign Permit

Useful Planning Documents

Complete Streets Plan
Future Land Use Map

Master Plan - 1996
Master Plan - 2017

Sign Regulations
Site Plan Review Application
Zoning Board of Appeals Application
Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance Map

Planning Publications
Business Assistance Guide
Garage/Shed Construction
Group Home Day Care (Children)
Home-Based Business Regulations
Medical Marijuana
Political Sign Regulations
Vehicle Dealer License Regulations