Calendar of Events

November 2019 Calendar of Events

The following graphics represent some of the events and activities that will be offered this month through the City of Oak Park and its various departments. Please feel free to contact the appropriate department for more details on any event or activity.

Absent Voter Ballot Mail HD2019dfg

Daylight Saving Ends HDgfdsgfsd

Sunday Concert HDgfsdfg ff f ff fffff


Parents Interacting with Infants HD gregt45y gtesr g

General Election HDsdfgdfsg dfs

Absent Voter Ballot Returned HDsdfg sdf g

Slime Day HD gsdfsdfg

History with Keith McClellan FB gsdf gsdfg

Ballroom Dance HD gdfs ggdfs

Senior Fall Tea HD gfdsfg fds

1109 - CoffeeCop gdfsg fds

Veterans Day HD gfdsg fds

Shelter Rental HD gfdsfg

CCNov2019OrgMtgs gfds gfds

Yoga Everybody HD gfdsg

Tai Chi Beginners HD sgdfg

Tai Chi Returning HD345r3454g

Basic Hatha Yoga HDytr yer y4 3763 y

MiddleEastern Belly Dance HD675ytryrty


1121 Lego Club HD gfdsgf g

Craft Day HD gfdsgfd gfdg54t45

Gentle Chair Yoga HD g54wgg q34

Thanksgiving HD gfd4y5g

Thanksgiving Closure HD gfdsg54yt 54g

Small Business Saturday HD t54gg54  yfds

Leaf Collection Schedule HDhrty 65y 56e y

Recurring Events and Activities

Meals on Wheels WEB

Senior Transportation WEB

EnhanceFitness HD No Pic

Intro to Computers HD

Coloring & Conversation HD

Tournament Tuesdays WEB

Baby Toddler Play Time HD

Volunteer Coach WEB

Sponsor WEB