Seek Assistance


Occasionally, community members may need to contact the City for assistance. Whether a person would like to ask a question, report a situation, become involved within the community, wishes to register a business, needs to apply for a permit, or wishes to stay informed, they will likely require assistance from one of the various City Departments.  It's not always easy to know who to contact, and how.

A Few Ways in Which You Can Obtain Assistance in the City of Oak Park

Citizen's Action Center - The Citizen's Action Center is a valuable tool that helps to answer some of the more commonly asked questions. It's as easy as clicking onto the Citizen's Action Center page, searching a topic and selecting an option. Couldn't find the answer to your question? No worries, the Citizen's Action Center allows you to submit your questions for a speedy response. Questions are directed to the appropriate Departments that will respond in a timely fashion during regular business hours. For more information, visit Citizen's Action Center.

City Council - The Mayor and City Council Members are elected officials who take great pride in representing the interests of the community. Feel free to contact your elected officials to share your ideas, concerns and suggestions. For more information, visit City Council.

City Directory
- The City Directory is designed as a quick online reference to help connect you with the Department that can best answer your concerns. The City Directory is a list of City Departments with a brief description of the types of services they provide. Feel free to contact the Department during business hours for more information. For more information, visit City Directory.

Services and Programs - City's Library and Recreation Department offer many opportunities for the public to enroll in clubs, leagues, activities, programs and events that can enhance skill sets, expand capabilities, empower participants, and entertain the masses. Both departments have age-appropriate programs and services, as well, including youth development, adult services, and senior programs. For more information on the programs and services provided by our City Departments, visit: