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The central mission of the Community Engagement and Public Information Department, or CEPI, is to be the connection between the City of Oak Park and its community members to convey, share and support dialogue on as much relevant information as possible in regards to municipal programs, services, activities and events. The CEPI Department seeks to inform, educate, entertain, encourage, support, and engage community members. Understanding that not everyone wishes to interact with their municipal government on the same level, this Department supports and promotes varying levels of communication, interaction and participation.

This Department creates, promotes and maintains the City's lines of communication - whether in print, online or broadcast. CEPI builds community engagement and media relations.

BecomeInformedb100x80Become Informed
Today, more than ever before, the City has ways in which to inform, educate and communicate with community members about essential City services, programs, activities and events. Visit Become Informed for more information on how to become more fully informed.

CatchUp100x80Catch Up
If you are new to the City of Oak Park, or if you are a current resident that may have missed the latest newsletter, eBlast, or social media announcements, no worries. You can now peruse our archives and Catch Up.

StayConnected100x80Stay Connected
Staying abreast of the latest community news and events is easier than ever before. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can connect with City resources to Stay Connected.

GetInvolved100x80Get Involved
Quality of life is hugely dependent upon how a person fits within the community in which they live, work and play. Community involvement is not only satisfying, but rewarding. Here are some ways in which you can Get Involved.

GetHelp100x80Seek Assistance
In the course of our daily lives, we have a question, want to share a concern, or need to know how to do something. Here are a few tips on how to obtain the answers to your most pressing inquiries. Visit, Seek Assistance.

JoinUs100x80Join Us!
The various departments within the City, Boards and Commissions and Community Block Clubs have an overabundance of initiatives, services, programs, activities and events in which to participate. Sometimes, it's just about knowing what they are and how to access them. Here is a list of items we hope will entice you to Come Join Us!

BePrepared100x80Be Prepared
Incumbent on feeling safe and secure within a community is having the ability to be as prepared as possible for adverse contingencies. Various Departments within the City come together to provide means in which to Be Prepared.

LetUsKnow100x80Let Us Know
One of the things we've learned throughout the years is that the community members have fantastic ideas. If you have fantastic ideas, curious inquiries, helpful insight or constructive thoughts we want to hear from you, so Let Us Know!

Community Engagement Public Information News

If like hearing the news first before it hits the news wires, consider signing up for Community eBlasts. We often send updates to our residents via eBlasts before we send the news to press.

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