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The Department of Technical and Planning Services is comprised of three divisions: Building Division, Code Enforcement Division and Engineering Division. The overall focus of this Department's jurisdiction is to maintain the character, appearance and physical standards of the community of Oak Park. The Department publishes many brochures available on the city website to assist residents and business owners in understanding and complying with the City Ordinances.

Building000070781137dt100x80Building Division
The Building Division is responsible for reviewing construction drawings to ensure code compliance, issuing residential and commercial permits, and performing related inspections. These are necessary steps designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of Oak Park residents and business owners. The Division, which is comprised of several inspectors, performs a wide variety of inspections on a daily basis. These inspections include new business license inspections, rental housing inspections and new construction plumbing, mechanical, electrical and building inspections. To learn more, visit Building Division.

Code000062251584dt100x80Code Enforcement Division
The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for the investigation of alleged City Ordinance and City Code violations related to City parking lots, signs, nuisances, offensive conditions, blight, garbage and rubbish containment, weeds, rodent control, dog pound, animal control, and certain types of parking offenses.  To learn more, visit Code Enforcement Division.

Engrg000059235796100x80Engineering Division
The Engineering Division is responsible for matters relating to the construction of all physical properties of the City’s infrastructure. This includes the planning, design, and construction management of the City’s streets, water mains, and sewers. The Division also oversees any construction in the right-of-way, along with major land improvements. The Division regularly designs, bids, and administers such projects as sidewalk replacement, water main replacement, sewer cleaning and televising, sewer replacement and repairs, concrete repairs from water main and sewer breaks, joint and crack sealing street maintenance, and street construction. To learn more, visit Engineering Division.


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