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Board of Review


This Board was established by Public Act 206 of 1893, General Property Tax Law. MCL 211.28 - 211.33.
City Charter. Chapter 10-Taxation, Sections 10.6 – 10.10.
Ordinance. Chapter 2-Administration, Article III. Boards and Commission, Division 7. – Board of Review, of the Code of Ordinances.

Appointing Authority

City Council


There are six members on this Board.


The Board Members serve three year terms that expire on August 31.

Meeting Dates and Times

This Board meets:
First Session - 2nd Monday in March
Second Session - 4th Monday in March - (Charter Requirement)
March Board of Review: 2nd & 4th Mondays in March (overflow days as approved)
July Board of Review:  Tuesday, following the 3rd Monday in July
December Board of Review:  Tuesday, following the 2nd Monday in December

Meeting Location

City Hall


The Board reviews the tax assessment roll; adds to the roll any properties omitted; corrects errors in the roll; and hears the complaints of all persons considering themselves aggrieved by the assessments. If it appears that any person or property has been wrongfully assessed or omitted from the roll, the Board shall correct the roll in such manner as it deems just.

Actively Serving Members

The following individuals are active members of this Board:
Tannis Cummings
Herschel Goldstein
James Gulley
Zakiya Hollifeld
Aaron Schwartz
Gold Steven

Staff Liaison: City Assessor

Events and Activities



Rules of Procedure



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