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City Record Keeping

The City Clerk is the official record keeper for the City, acting as the information center of the City for years to come. Not only does the City Clerk create documents when serving as clerk to the Council and City Administration, but the City Clerk is charged with maintaining the records, as well. As such, the City Clerk is responsible for the publication, filing, indexing and safekeeping of all proceedings of the City Council. Some of the most important records kept in the City Clerk's Office include public notices, agendas and meeting minutes of the City Council and of the various Boards and Commissions. These must be kept permanently and in a manner in which retrieval is efficient. The City Clerk publishes legal notices. The Clerk also files and preserves all contracts, bonds, oaths of office and other documents not required to be filed elsewhere.

Public Notice
A public notice is an announcement from the City to the public that invites the public to participate in an upcoming democratic process, such as a City Council Meeting, Special City Council Meeting, and Board and Commission Meeting A public notice can post meeting dates for the calendar year. A public notice is posted when there is a change in plans, such as a meeting cancellation. For more information on Public Notices, visit Public Notices.

Meeting Agendas
In the City of Oak Park, according to the City's Charter, Chapter 7, Section 7.1 - Regular Meetings, and Section 7.2 - Special Meetings, City Council provides resolution for the time and place of its regular meetings and holds at least two regular meetings each month. On occasion, the City Council will hold Special City Council Meetings, as well. According to Chapter 7, Section 7.4 - Meetings to the Public, all regular and special meetings of City Council shall be open to the public and citizens shall have a reasonable opportunity to be heard under such rules and regulations as the City Council may prescribe. In accordance with Council Rules of Procedure, the City Clerk's Office is charged with posting meeting agendas to inform the public as well as encourage their attendance and/or participation. They make these agendas easily available to the public via in-person copies at the City Clerk's Office,  downloadable on the City's website, and archived through Municode, an online service that archives government documents for easy retrieval. For more information on City Council Agendas, visit City Council Agendas.

Meeting Minutes
Compiling, recording and preserving City Council Meeting Minutes is one of the City Clerk's most important roles. Meeting minutes serve as an official document of decisions made by the Council. There are times when it is important to review previous decisions, revisit issues of importance, or clarify points. Having an efficient document retrieval system is key.  The City Clerk is responsible for recording minutes and gaining approvals on meeting minutes. Aside from City Council Meeting Minutes, and Special City Council Meeting Minutes, the City Clerk's Office also processes the meeting minutes from the Planning Commission, the Zoning Commission, Employee Retirement System, and all of the City's Boards and Commissions.