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The City Clerk's Office is the information center of the City. As a professional liaison between the City, its residents and the public, the Clerk's Office provides various services on a daily basis for the community while maintaining neutrality and impartiality, thus rendering equal service to all while maintaining the integrity of all elections and public records of the City of Oak Park.

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for providing services for the City Council and the Council-appointed boards and commissions of the City. The Office is responsible for coordinating all election activity in the city and issues specialty licenses and permits. Other duties of the Clerk's Office include records management, mail processing, public notice administration, bid openings, and Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, request coordination. 

CharterOrdinances140x120City Charter and Ordinances
The City Charter and Code of Ordinances are legal documents that establish the type and structure of the municipality. For more information, visit City Charter and Code of Ordinances.

Council-Agenda140x120City Council Agendas
A City Council Agenda is a list of items to be considered by City Council during the upcoming City Council Meeting. For more information, visit City Council Agendas.

MeetingMinutesb140x120City Council Meeting Minutes
The City Clerk's Office is responsible for documenting the decisions made by City Council during City Council Meetings. Meeting minutes are then made available to the public. For more information, visit City Council Meeting Minutes.

Proclamations140x120Public Notices
The Clerk's Office is required to post official City notices such as changes in public meetings, legal advertising, bid and contract opportunities, and changes to the City documents. For more information, visit Public Notices.

BoardsCommissions140x120Boards and Commissions
The City of Oak Park has 22 boards and commissions comprised of resident volunteers appointed by City Council. They serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council. For more information, visit Boards and Commissions.

ElecFlag140x120Elections and Voter Registration
The City Clerk keeps and maintains all election records and has custody of all property used in connection with elections. For more information, visit Elections and Voter Registration.

FOIAb140x120Freedom of Information Act Coordination
The City Clerk's Office coordinates requests for information that is processed in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA. For more information, visit Freedom of Information Act Requests.

MeetingMinutes140x120Special Licenses and Permits
The Clerk's Office is charged with issuing special licenses and permits. For more information on the types of licenses and permits issued by the City Clerk's office, visit Special Licenses and Permits.

GarageSale140x120Garage Sales
Permits for residential sales, such as a garage sale, are required and can be applied for through the Clerk's Office.  For more information, visit Garage Sales.


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