Library Board of Directors


Public Act 164 of 1877, City, Village, and Township Libraries, MCL 397.201-397.217
Ordinance. Chapter 2 – Administration, Article VI. Public Library

Appointing Authority


There are 9 members to this Board which may include not more than one member of the City Council.

The Board Members serve 2 year terms that expire on August 31.

Meeting Dates and Times
This Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Meeting Location
Community Center
City of Oak Park
14300 Oak Park Blvd.
Oak Park, MI 48237

Exclusive control of the expenditure of all moneys collected to the credit of the Library Fund, and of the construction of any Library building, and, of the supervision, care, and custody of the grounds, rooms, or buildings constructed, leased, or set apart for that purpose: Provided, that all moneys received for such Library shall be deposited in the Treasury of the City to the credit of the Library Fund, and shall be kept separate and apart from other moneys of the City, and drawn upon by the proper officers of the City, upon the properly authenticated vouchers of the Library Board.

To purchase or lease grounds; to occupy, lease, or erect an appropriate building or buildings for the use of the Library; to appoint a suitable Librarian and necessary assistants, and fix their compensation; and to remove such appointees; and shall, in general, carry out the spirit and intent of this article and of Act 164 in establishing and maintaining a public library and reading room. The Library and Reading Room established under this article shall be forever free to the use of the residents of the City, subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as the Library Board may adopt; and the Board may exclude from the use of the Library and Reading Room any and all persons who shall willfully violate such rules.

Actively Serving Members

The following individuals are active members of this Board:
Jina Sawani, President
Noson Daitchman
Al H. Elvin Jr.
Zakiya Hollifield
Max Milstein
Linda Moragne 
Cheryl Daniel
Kenneth Sherman
Carolyn Burns, Council Member
Erik Tungate, City Manager
Kimberly Schaaf, Library Director

Events and Activities
Library Program, Activities and Events

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Rules of Procedure


Meeting Minutes

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