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Local Officers Compensation Commission


MCL 117.5c. The Home Rule City Act, Local officers compensation commission.
Ordinance. Chapter 2 – Administration, Article III. – Boards and Commissions, Division 5. – Local Officers’ Compensation Commission

Appointing Authority

Mayor subject to confirmation by City Council

There are seven Commissioners who are qualified and registered electors of the City.

The Commissioners serve seven year terms expiring on February 28.

Meeting Dates and Times
The Commission meets for not more than 15 session days in each odd numbered year and shall make its determination within 45 calendar days after its first meeting.

Meeting Location
To be announced

The Commission shall determine the salary of each local elected official. The determination shall be the salary unless the City Council, by resolution adopted by 2/3rds of the members elected to and serving on the City Council rejects it. The determination of the Commission shall be effective 30 days following its filing with the City Clerk unless rejected by
the City Council.

Actively Serving Members

The following individuals are active members of this Board:
James Gulley
Zakiya Hollifield
Andrew Hylton, Chairperson
Lisa Johnson
Steven Gold
Gwendolyn Henderson
Leona Burns

Staff Liaison: Ed Norris, City Clerk

Events and Activities


Rules of Procedure


Meeting Minutes