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Be Prepared


Staying informed about potential weather warnings, construction projects, public safety alerts, and other emergent situations is important. The City encourages every resident and business owner to register with three services in order to better prepare for emergency situations.

Coronavirus Information
For the City of Oak Park's public service announcements regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus and other related information, please visit our dedicated webpage for it at:

Call 9-1-1
If experiencing an emergency, dial 9-1-1 immediately. For non-emergency public safety concerns, please call our Department of Public Safety at (248) 691-7520. Do not leave a message on the website as it is always advised to talk to a person direct about any public safety concern.

Register with OakAlert
Register with OakAlert, Oakland County's Emergency Alert system which notifies individuals of any weather warnings or emergencies in Oakland County. To learn more and to register, visit OakAlert.

Sign-Up for Robocalls
Sign-up to receive emergency announcements via recorded phone messages. The City records and sends robocalls during emergency situations. To enroll, visit Robocalls.

Sign-Up for Text Message Notification 
Sign-Up for Text Message Notification to receive emergency announcements via text message. You will need a phone that can receive text messages to utilize this service. The City records and sends text messages during emergency situations. To enroll, visit Text Message Notifications. Or, if you prefer to enroll via text message, Text "ENROLLTEXTMSG" to 22828 to get started.

Visit the City's Website for Emergency Alerts
The City's website is set-up to notify residents of emergencies through an emergency alert that pops-up in the bottom right of your browser window. The new system can be programmed to alert residents of emergent situations, like weather warnings, snow emergencies, construction announcements, traffic situations, public service announcements and more. During an extreme emergency, the staff will log onto the website (if the internet is working), and post alerts.

Enroll for eBlasts
And, third, enroll in the City's eBlast email notifications.  From time to time, City Council or City Administration issue an eBlast to communicate a newsworthy topic, announce a breakthrough development, disclose a monthly calendar of events, respond to public concerns, or relay emergent information (i.e., weather alerts, power outages,  street closures, or public safety matters.)  The City's eBlast allows the City to communicate with our eBlast subscribers in real-time as email messages can be viewed on computers, on tablets, and through mobile devices at the subscriber's convenience. The intent is to provide information to our residents, business community, and Board and Commission members via eBlast prior to sending the information to our media contacts. In essence, our eBlast subscribers are able to hear the news directly from the City first, whenever possible. To enroll in community eBlasts, visit Community eBlast Sign-Up

Follow Us On Facebook
Facebook (@CityofOakPark) is a social network that allows us to communicate with the community in real-time. Although we regularly post about upcoming events, recent announcements and City services, we have been known to make the public aware of an emergent situations, like weather alerts, snow emergencies, road closures, construction announcements, and public safety concerns. If you are a Facebook user, like the City of Oak Park's Facebook page to receive our posts in your newsfeeds. Visit our timeline periodically to when emergency situations are present.

Others Sources of Community News
If you are not enrolled in these services, residents are urged to tune into the City's Comcast Cable channels OPTV15 and OPTV16, tune into local television and radio station news stations, or call the City direct at (248) 691-7402 for emergency updates.