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Beautification Award Criteria

Backyard House 5


Residents may nominate their own homes, as well as those of their neighbors or other businesses in the City of Oak Park. Once all submissions are received, the Beautification Advisory Commission will conduct bus tours to view each home.  After the Commission votes the winners will be notified by mail.  

Criteria for the 2022 Beautification Awards include:

  • Neat, natural, manicured landscaping

  • Paint in good condition

  • Bushes and trees cared for

  • Concrete with minimal to no vegetative growth in cracks

  • Concrete with no differential settlement

  • Garbage cans not visible

  • Gutters and roof in good condition from street

  • No artificial flowers

  • No for sale signs or commercial advertising signs in the yard

  • Outstanding home-extra nice appearance

If you have any questions, please contact Department of Public Works at (248) 691-7497 or email Tiffany Brown at for more information.