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Code Enforcement

Code000062251584dt400x600The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing City Ordinances pertaining to animals, junk cars, grass and weeds, trash, property maintenance, blight, and nuisances. Violations are discovered through both daily patrols, as well as resident complaints. All Code Enforcement Officers are trained to take a reasonable approach to achieve compliance of City Ordinances. To report blight in your area, contact the Code Enforcement at (248) 691-7450.

Did you know?

Abandoned vehicles on occupied property
If the abandoned vehicle is not on occupied property, such as the public street or vacant property, contact the Code Enforcement Division to report abandoned vehicles on occupied property. If the abandoned vehicle is on a public street or vacant property, contact the Department of Public Safety.

Abandoned houses
If you believe a house has become abandoned and may be a danger to the area, contribute to blight and neglect, or may be inviting crime, call the Code Enforcement Division.

Landlords must purchase an annual Landlord License and register all their properties with the City. If you believe a landlord has not obtained the proper licensure or registration, call the Code Enforcement Division. Properties must be inspected by Code Enforcement every two years or when an occupancy change has occurred.

To review the City's Code of Ordinances, visit City of Oak Park Code of Ordinances.

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