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OP-100-80City Government
Oak Park contains approximately 5.5 square miles of land that was originally considered part of Royal Oak Township. The land was sold to Majestic Land Company in 1914 and incorporated as a village on May 3, 1927. On October 29, 1945 the village was incorporated as a city. For more information, visit City Government.

45Dist-100-8045th District Court 
The 45th District Court serves Charter Township of Royal Oak, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, and Pleasant Ridge. There are two judges that serve the 45th District Court; Judge Michelle Friedman Appel and Judge David M. Gubow. For more information, visit 45th District Court.

Bus-100School Districts
The City of Oak Park is home of three public school districts: Berkley Schools, Ferndale Schools and Oak Park Schools. For more information on the City's school districts, visit School Districts.

Oak-100-80County Government
States vary with the number of county governments they list. For instance, Delaware has 3 counties while Texas contains 254. The State of Michigan currently lists 83 counties. Oak Park is located in Oakland County. For more information, visit County Government

Regional Authorities
Michigan ranks 12th in the number of local governments with 2,893 local governments. Occasionally, it is valuable for multiple jurisdictions to come together as a region to work on issues important to their jurisdictions. For more information on regional authorities that serve Oak Park, visit Regional Authorities.

StateGov-100-80State Government
All 50 state governments in the United States are modeled after the federal government and have three levels of government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. They are run by a governor who is elected by the voters of the state. For more information, visit State Government.

FedGov200 80Federal Government
The Federal Government is divided into three levels of government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. For a list of helpful Federal Government Resources, visit Federal Government.