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traffic safety board meeting
This meeting will take place in the Executive Conference Room.

From the City Manager

Elevate: to raise or lift something up.

Elevate Oak Park: to come together as a community to raise or lift the quality of life for all.

Last night, our Oak Park community exemplified the definition of “elevate” by supporting both recreation ballot proposals, creating a defined pathway for new parks and recreation amenities and opportunities, including the building of a new community center and investment into our City parks.

Oak Park….THANK YOU!

Thank you for your support of such a large and transformative endeavor for our community’s future.

Thank you for the trust you have instilled in me and the Oak Park team as responsible stewards of your tax dollars, as innovators of the City’s future and as advocates for each and every one of you.

Thank you for engaging in the Elevate Oak Park project since day one—for attending town halls, reading our informational pieces, and creating dialogue in the community on how improved parks and recreation amenities will only make Oak Park better than it already is.

Thank you for taking the time to vote and having a voice in your future.

Thank you, Oak Park, thank you!

I take a great deal of pride in serving as your City Manager and the unofficial results of last night’s election once again highlighted what a supportive, engaged and wonderful community we have here in Oak Park. It is through the diverse pool of ideas that are fostered in our community that newfound successes are born and I am certain we will have many successes to celebrate from this day forward.

With the approval of Ballot Proposal No. 23-01 (Recreation Millage Proposition) and Ballot Proposal No. 23-02 (General Obligation Bonding Proposition) myself and my team are ready to get to work to bring you the parks and recreation opportunities you want, and you deserve. An internal team will come together for a project kickoff meeting in the coming days and will continue to meet weekly through the duration of these projects, ensuring thorough financial oversight, detailed project management and a communication strategy that will keep our residents informed on the projects from start to finish. The same approach was employed for the City Hall project and through such project management we were able to come in $1 million under budget. Make no mistake, we will remain just as diligent in our financial management and project oversight of the Elevate Oak Park Project.

As we continue to look ahead to our City’s future I would be remiss if I did not thank our City Council, who has supported opportunities to improve our residents’ quality of life at every step. Their dedication to this community is part of what makes Oak Park the wonderful community it is.

I am excited to welcome Marian McClellan back, as she enters her seventh term as Mayor. I am just as excited to welcome Council members Julie Edgar and Soloman Radner back to the City Council as well. These three, along with Council members Carolyn Burns and Shaun Whitehead will comprise the City’s 40th City Council, a team that will continue to elevate Oak Park.

Elections are the crux of the democratic process, a culmination of each voice in a community. Oak Park is a diverse community that respects each individual voice and comes together for the greater good. This election not only reaffirmed that those elected to represent the best interest of Oak Park residents, but also have the vision to ensure long-term success.

So, thank you again Oak Park for showing up to support your community and helping us to continue down our path of excellence.  Helping establish Oak Park as a regional leader in everything from public safety to economic development and now parks and recreation, brings me incredible joy and fulfillment. These projects represent the single largest public investment in our community since its founding. 

We are moving forward in all ways, relentlessly pursuing our goals, and reaching new heights together.

2023 12 04 SCM Notice[7457]-1

The Birds Are Back In Town!

In the video below, learn how to operate the Bird Mobile App, and the scooters themselves. You'll also find information on how to sign up, the rules for operating a Bird scooter, and much more. 



Now Accepting Applications for
Oak Park & Bark

That's right, as we inch closer toward the grand opening of our City's first dog park (date TBA) we are beginning the application process!

Visit to apply to become a member of Oak Park & Bark. This application asks all the basics and is the first step to get your pooch barking for joy in the City's newest park. After filling out this form you will receive an email from an Oak Park Recreation Staff member to confirm the submitted the information and inform you on the next steps in the application process.

In order to complete the final application process, the following steps and information will be required:
  • Submittal of Rabies Vaccine(s)
  • Submittal of DHLPP Vaccine(s)
  • Submittal of Bordetella Vaccine(s)
  • Submittal of Dog License(s)
  • Submittal of Dog License Number(s)
  • Viewing an orientation video and passing a related quiz
  • Payment to utilize the dog park
Oak Park & Bark for Website (13)

Join Our Public Safety Family Today!

The Oak Park Public Safety Department is currently hiring and recruiting police officers and firefighters. New hires will earn a starting wage of $78,461 and top out at $91,782 after two years (for a Public Safety Officer 1). Other benefits of joining the Oak Park Public Safety teams are:
14 days off a month
No cost healthcare
Sick, personal and vacation time
Up to 80% tuition reimbursement
Opportunities to growth within 12 different units. 
To learn more and to apply today visit:


2023-2024 Tree Request Form

The City of Oak Park Department of Public Works is a proud recipient of the Tree City designation again this year.  This is our 40th year receiving this award and our 20th year as a Growth Award recipient.  In Oak Park, we take pride in our mature tree lined streets and strive to continue to plant trees throughout the community.  

If you would like to request a tree planted in front of your property (in the city right-of-way, the area between the sidewalk and the street), please complete the Tree Request form by scanning the QR code or click the code to get to the form directly.

frame - Copy

Once we begin the process of selecting tree locations for each planting season, city staff will inspection each property to ensure that the area is large enough and can support the growth of a tree.

We cannot tell you when the tree will be planted, but can assure you that we will keep your request on file for future consideration.   If you have any questions, please reach out to our staff at the Department of Public Works.  We can be reached at 248-691-7497.  

Utility Bill Sign Up / E-Bill Authorization Form 

qr code

Click or scan the QR code above to fill out a short 2-minute survey to update how utility bills are delivered to you each month.

If you wish to enroll in paperless billing, you will no longer receive paper bills via the US Postal Service and will instead receive them via the email you enter into the survey.

November Calendar


 Information on City Council Meetings 
Updated on 01/01/22 for Future City Council Meetings

The Oak Park City Council, along with City Boards and Commissions, will be meeting in person again, beginning Jan. 3, 2022. Public notices for upcoming City Council meetings can be found below and agenda packets for upcoming City Council meetings can be found here.



Utility Billing Change Information
Oak Park City Council adopted a modified water billing method, which separates stormwater from water and sewer charges. Water customers will incur a separate line item cost for stormwater runoff fees, effective July 1, 2020. Click the image below for more information.

Stormwater Billing

City News

OAK PARK, MI – The City of Oak Park’s Public Safety Department is proud to announce that it is bringing back its popular Citizen Academy this spring. Read More
2022-2023 Tax Foreclosure RFQ released
This is an opportunity to bid on purchasing the tax foreclosed properties within the City of Oak Park through the City’s right of first refusal.  For details click here

OAK PARK, MI – The Oak Park Pool officially closes to the public on September 8. 

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