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Water Rate Update


City Manager Erik Tungate and City staff will provide a detailed overview of the approved water and sewer rate increases at the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on Monday, July 17. On July 17, City Manager Tungate and his staff will explain the City's process for establishing rates, taking all things into consideration. The City Council will not be discussing water and sewer rates at the upcoming July 5th City Council meeting.

In the meantime, please feel free to view the Water Bill -Frequently Asked Questions for explanations on how the water bill is calculated, payment plan eligibility, and tips you can use to lower your water bill. Visit,

For questions on water quality, download the City's 2017 Annual Water Quality Report and visit Great Lakes Water Authority's resources. Visit,

For an overview of the water rate increase as described in the City's Third Quarter Magazine and Recreation Program Guide, visit, page 4 and 5.