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City's Water Tower Receives Facelift

The City's water tower, located on at Tulare and 11 Mile Road is going to get a facelift and some much needed attention! Built in 1954, the tank was last painted 17 years ago. That's pretty good considering that the average life of the water ttower paint job is 15 years! 

The tower will be emptied for approximately 40 days causing slightly lower water pressure than is normal. During that time, the contractors will build a new antenna rail, new roof hatch, and new inside and outside ladders. They will begin to strip, epoxy coat and paint the inside first, then finish on the outside.

Interestingly, they won't refill the tower after the inside is complete and before the outside is painted because the new cold water causes the tower to sweat and the outside paint won't adhere.

The much needed maintenance is timed just perfectly. The City earned three additional years before the average paint job expires, however they are able to commence work on the tower before the paint begins to peel, when repairs would be significantly higher than the current maintenance project will. Sometimes, savings is achieved by close attention to detail. Nice work, Department of Public Works!

(How do you like the City colors and branding? We want to make sure everyone knows where to find Oak Park!)