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City Manager Declines Offer at Grand Traverse County


On July 19, 2017, Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners reached a decision to offer employment to Oak Park City Manager Erik Tungate as Grand Traverse County Administrator. Upon the Board's decision, information about the Board's intent to offer employment was publicized before Mr. Tungate was formally extended the offer. After careful consideration and appreciation, Mr. Tungate has decided to decline the Board's generous offer. This is Mr. Tungate's formal announcement of that decision. He is choosing to inform the public of his decision in this manner since the information has already been circulated and community members in Oak Park, as well as Grand Traverse County, may be interested to learn of his decision.

To read or download the press release, visit City Manager Erik Tungate Declines Grand Traverse County Offer

In addition to the press release attached, Mr. Tungate has recorded a video announcement that is available on YouTube at .