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We've Repainted the Water Tower

We've repainted the City's water tower?  What do you think? The work on the water tower located at Tulare and 11 Mile Road began on August 1 and was completed by month's end., ahead of schedule. Built in 1954, the tower was last painted 17 years ago. 

That's pretty good considering that the average life of the water tower paint job is 15 years! The tower was emptied causing slightly lighter than normal water pressure for approximately 40 days. During that time, the workers built a new antenna rail, new roof hatch, and new ladder inside and out. They stripped and epoxy coated the inside first, then finished on the outside.

The water tower is being filled and the water processed according to proper procedure before everything is fully functional again.  The much needed maintenance was timed just perfectly. The City saved three additional years before the average paint job expires, however, the tower was maintained before it began to peel - which would result in significantly higher repair costs. Nice attention to detail, DPW!  

(How do you like the City colors and branding? Do you think it will put Oak Park on everyone's radar?)