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Merit Citations Presented to Officers Who Performed Life-Saving Measures

"Sometimes we kind of take it for granted because we are out here on a day-in and day-out basis. We respond to all types of runs from the most minute run to some of the most egregious and the most serious." said Oak Park Public Safety Director Steve Cooper to Officers David Gifford (middle), Kyle McFarland (right), and Adam Langford (not able to attend) during Monday's City Council Meeting for quickly, responsively and decisively administering three cycles of CPR, utilizing two doses of automated external defibrillator treatment, and rescue breathing to a subject that was without vital signs when officer's arrived to an emergency call on Sunday, June 25 at 10 p.m.

"I don't think there is a higher honor that could be bestowed upon these young men," said Director Cooper. "Due to the quick, responsive and decisive actions of Officers Gifford, Langford and McFarland, the victim's life was saved (and she made a full recovery)."

The officers were also honored by the American Heart Association for acting courageously and swiftly to perform a heroic act of CPR during a critical act in the chain of survival to improve the life of citizens. Congratulations to all!


Unit Citation Awarded to Officers Who Opted to Use Minimal Force in Life-Threatening Situation

A Unit Citation was presented by Public Safety Director Steve Cooper to Sgt. James Vernier, Officer Scott Turner (pictured, present and representing the unit), Officer Ryan Beasley, Officer Erik Zarfl and Officer Scott Dichtel for the manner in which they handled a delicate situation and represented the City on Friday, June 23. The officers were called to a residence where a subject was experiencing a mental health episode and presented a potential danger to herself and others.

"Due to the well-thought out and decisive actions taken by all of the officers involved, the subject was safely taken into custody using minimal force and eliminating any injuries to herself, officers or additional family members," said Director Cooper stating he was very proud of the way the officers handled themselves even though the subject was wielding a knife. "This is a perfect example of all of the officers gathering together, actually coming up with a tactical plan, and not rushing in to make a rash decision which could have turned out drastically worse...they are a credit to this City." Congratulations to all!