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City to Realize Over $626,649 in Savings and Rebates

Congratulations to our Technical and Planning Division for working with DTE Municipal Division to complete the citywide LED Conversion Project ahead of schedule. Because the project was completed prior to deadline, the City will receive a one-time $45,790.15 energy optimization rebate. (We love when that happens!) And, the savings continue. The City estimates it will realize a $143,422 savings per year for the next 4.05 years. If we performed the math correctly, that adds up to an incredible $626,649 savings. Further good news... the City could realize savings beyond just the four years. Not only is the project aesthetically pleasing, the lights are energy efficient and dark sky light friendly, meaning they minimize glare while reducing light trespass and skyglow. Thank you Technical and Planning for paying attention to all the details. This is such wonderful news for the City in so many ways!