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Oak Park Assists Property Owner with Resources to Rescue Raccoon


City of Oak Park Assists Property Owner
with Resources for Raccoon Rescue

January 31, 2018, Oak Park, MI - The City of Oak Park received inquiries from concerned community members about the welfare of a raccoon that appears to be stranded on a ledge of the Crown Pointe Plaza office building in Oak Park.

The City’s Technical and Planning Department Director, Building Inspector and Animal Control Officer, as well as the Public Safety Fire Marshall are abreast of the situation. They have been on location and in contact with the building’s owner.

Ultimately, the Crown Pointe Plaza office building is private property and the removal of a raccoon on that property requires the building’s owner to obtain the assistance of an individual with a special wildlife removal license. This is a requirement of the Department of Natural Resources. The City has provided the property owner with information and resources to facilitate a resolution.

The City of Oak Park, along with the property owner, hope for a successful and safe resolve for this raccoon and for those in charge of rescue. In the meantime, the City has received reports that the raccoon’s activity is being monitored. It has been reported that the raccoon, a nocturnal animal, has been active at night freely crawling between floors.

To download the media release, visit Raccoon Rescue.