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Mase Receives First Aid Kit


Mase and First Aid Kit

The City of Oak Park recognized and thanked Bryan Ede, Owner of Michigan Insurance & Financial Services, or MIAFS, at tonight's City Council meeting for his generous donation of a K9 First Aid Kit prepared by Veterinarian Dr. Judith Flischaker DVM, MS of K9 Critical Care Education. This donation allows the City to have essential emergency supplies on-hand in the event Canine Officer Mase is ever hurt while on, or off, duty.

Mr. Ede is former police officer with the City of Detroit and very supportive of police departments throughout the United States. "Animals are near and dear to my heart and law enforcement is even more near and dear to my heart." Mr. Ede operates 12 MIAFS offices in the area.

"On behalf of the Public Safety Department we are extremely grateful for this generous donation," said Oak Park Public Safety Director Steve Cooper. Oak Park Canine Handler Michael Hodakoski realized a need for the kit during a training session. "At first I thought we could just use our regular medical supplies, thinking if it works on us, it would work on a dog," said Officer Hodakoski about the kit which contains a variety of supplies including medicines in case Mase should ingest a dangerous substance, oxygen system that fits over Mase's nose to provide airflow and to receive CPR, first aid supplies, and more.

Officer Hodakoski says its an eye-opener for him and many others who learn of all the dangers that can befall our treasured canine officer which makes this gift even more appreciated that we now have additional protections in place for Mase. Thank you Bryan Ede and MIAFS!

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