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MoGo to Expand Into Oak Park and Four Other Communities


MoGo, Detroit's first public bike sharing system, announced today that they are expanding into Oak Park, as well as Berkley, Ferndale, Huntington Woods, and Royal Oak. The expansion is made possible with a $495,380 Transortation Alternatives Program grant from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments.

MoGo's expansion, planned for Spring 2019, will add 150 bikes and 30 new stations to their existing fleet. They currently offer 430 bikes at 43 stations in 10 Detroit neighborhoods, see MoGo Map for more details. 

Specific station locations are yet to be determined and announced. MoGo is working with the cities and conducting extensive community outreach to residents about potential station locations. If you would like to suggest a station, visit Suggest a MoGo Station.

"We are happy to partner with the surrounding neighboring communities to expand the MoGo bike share system that already exists in Detroit," said Kimberly Marrone, Director of Economic Development and Communications for the City of Oak Park.

Bike sharing is ideal for quick trips that are three miles or less (usually within 30-minute increments) and often serve as a beginning or end-of-trip connector with other forms of transit such as bus and light rail, like DDOT, SMART and the QLine.

To utilize their service, a person simply purchases a pass online or on location, selects a bike, rides to their destination, and returns the bike to any empty dock at any one of their stations. MoGo bikes are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week and year round, weather permitting. Passes are available in unlimited 30-minute increments on a daily, monthly or annual basis at a cost ranging from $8 to $80. They also offer senior discounted rates and an access pass for those who receive state benefits like Medicaid and cash assistance.

“People’s transportation needs don’t stop at city borders,” said Lisa Nuszkowski, MoGo Founder and Executive Director. “Expansion of bike share sends an important message about our ability to work together to solve transportation challenges in the region while providing people with an affordable and convenient way to get where they need to go.”

In addition to their bicycle fleet, MoGo announced in May that they are currently engaged in a test rental of accessible/adaptive cycle options, including hand tricycles and two-wheel tandem bikes, to cater to those with back issues, disabilities, or with children. They are partnering with Wheelhouse Detroit, a cycle shop on Atwater Street in Detroit, to develop upright cargo tricycles, recumbent tricycles, two-wheeled tandem cycles and other new models being rolled out and market-tested between May 15 to October 31 of this year.

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