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Public Announcement Regarding Oak Park Water System


OCTOBER 14, 2019

This summer, the City of Oak Park conducted lead and copper sampling at 30 homes that we believed may have had a lead water service line. A small number of the homes tested came back as having lead levels higher than the action level of 15 parts per billion as outlined by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (MDEGLE). The affected water customers have been notified.

After discovering these findings, we reported them to officials at MDEGLE and are currently waiting to hear back from them regarding moving forward with a comprehensive action plan to mitigate all lead water service issues in the City of Oak Park. Once we hear back from them and determine our next course of action, there will be joint communications dispersed to all relevant parties from the City of Oak Park and MDEGLE.

We take issues of water quality very seriously in Oak Park. As we continue to strive to have the best water system possible for our residents, we ask for your understanding and cooperation during the process to mitigate these issues. We are committed to working with affected water customers to replace their private lead water service lines.

Important to note is that our water supplier, the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA), tests our water daily at the water treatment plants, as well as at select locations within our community. GLWA testing within our water system is consistently below the lead action level of 15 parts per billion, giving us no cause for broad concern. Water quality reports are mailed to all Oak Park residents annually in our quarterly magazine, and can also be found online on the City’s website:

If you think you may have a lead water service line, or if you seek more information on this matter in general, please contact the Oak Park Water Department at (248) 691-7470 or visit them at Oak Park City Hall, located at 14000 Oak Park Blvd, Oak Park, MI 48237.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation as we take measures to ensure the safety of all water customers.