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Pay Bills Online


Online Bill Payment Options

The City of Oak Park offers online payment services for your convenience. We contract with two entities for convenient and accessible look-up and bill pay. Through you may conveniently access your invoice and/or pay your bill. We also contract with Official Payments to process online payments. Official Payments charges a nominal processing fee that is associated with the transaction, see below for details. Contracting through Official Payments allows the City the ability to provide online payment services without incurring additional cost and staff to process online payments.

How the Process Works

As a resident, landlord, or business owner in the City of Oak Park, you may receive an invoice from the City of Oak Park for services, such as:

  • Building Department Fees
  • Business Licensing and Permits
  • Property Tax
  • Water, Sewer and Rubbish (Utility) Bills
  • Miscellaneous Invoices (i.e., weed mowing, snow removal, property clean-up, emergency services or property boarding services)
To pay traffic tickets, the Department of Public Safety and the 45th District Court refers individuals to the GovPayNet site, a statewide resource for paying law enforcement agency tickets, court fees, and correction facility bills.

Access or Pay Bills Online

To assist with your ability to access invoices and to pay online, click on the green links below:

Online Payment Fees

Official Payments, an online resource that processes online payments for the City, charges the following fees to process online payments for the City:

  • Business License Payment Fees - There is a $4.15 fee for credit cards (American Express is not accepted) or a $2.05 fee for debit cards.
  • Building Permit Payment Fees - There is a $4.15 fee for credit cards (American Express is not accepted) or a $2.05 fee for debit cards.
  • Miscellaneous Invoice Payment Fees - There is a $2.05 fee for credit cards (American Express is not accepted) or a $1.05 fee for debit cards.
  • Real Property Tax Payment Fees - There is a 2.89% fee with a $4.15 minimum fee. All debit and credit cards are accepted - MasterCard, Discover, American Express and VISA.
  • Water or Utility Bill Payment Fees - There is a $3.10 fee for both credit and debit cards, American Express is not accepted. VISA is not accepted for in-person payments, but it is accepted for online payments.

Automatic Bill Payment (ACH)

Would you like to sign up for monthly automatic payments, it’s free, secure and guarantees your payment will be made on time. Tired of writing checks and paying postage? Sign up today and let your utility bill take care of itself.

This is a free service that eliminates the need for you to write out a check each time a utility bill is due and saves the cost of postage for mailing your check to the city. Your payment is always made on time, so there are no worries about late payments or late fees, even if you are on vacation.

To enroll for this free service, simply complete the lower portion of the ACH Automatic Payment Form, print, and return it along with a voided check (Checking/Saving) to:

City of Oak Park Utility Billing, 14000 Oak Park Blvd, Oak Park, MI 48237

Automatic Bill Payment Form

Please keep in mind this could take up to one billing period for the automatic bill payment to be activated. Once activated, the utility bill will indicate “ACH- Do Not Pay” in the amount due box.

Other Payment Options

Should you decide not to pay your bill online, we offer three other ways in which to pay your bill. They are:

  • Pay in-person at City Hall, 14000 Oak Park Blvd., Oak Park, MI 48237
  • Drop your payment in the drop box located at the City Hall doors at 14000 Oak Park Blvd., Oak Park, MI 48237
  • Mail your payment to City Hall, 14000 Oak Park Blvd., Oak Park, MI 48237