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Earlier this year during the city budget sessions, the City Council asked the Department of Public Works to investigate the possibility of providing every single-family household a roll-off trash cart.  Funding was earmarked for a possible project on the FY 2020-21 budget.   

Over the next few months staff began to research qualified vendors.  Staff began to discuss the project with the Rehrig Pacific Company.  The city was currently contracted with the Rehrig Pacific Company to provide the trash carts that the city has sold to residents.  After many meetings and discussions, the Department of Public Works presented a recommendation to City Council on September 8, 2020.  This recommendation not only provide every single-family household a trash cart, but an option as to the size of their cart.  Options are as follows:

·         95 gallon cart (holds approximately ten 13 gallon trash bags)

·         65 gallon cart (holds approximately six 13 gallon trash bags)

·         No cart needed

City Council awarded the project and the Public Works staff is currently working on the details of the project.  Please see below for a FAQ.

  If you have any further questions regarding this project, you can call the Department of Public Works at (248) 691-7497.

1. How much will the carts cost?

2. What size carts are available?

3. How do property owners choose their cart size?

4. What color are the carts?

5. When is my garbage collection day?

6. What if I want to change my cart size at a later date?

7. When can I expect delivery?