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Congratulations Tiffany Brown, Employee of the Year Runner-Up


City Manager Erik Tungate not only announced an Employee of the Year for 2017, but he has a runner-up, Tiffany Brown.  Ms. Brown works in the Administrative Offices of the Department of Public Works. He announced the award at the annual staff luncheon as well as at this week's City Council meeting.  Not only is Ms. Brown calm under pressure with a professional demeanor at all times, she's been able to assist the Public Works Department in virtually everything that they do in their administrative office, says City Manager Tungate.

"That includes, back in 2014 when we had our flood crisis. She worked with FEMA and worked with us in getting dollars to repair some of our facilities," said City Manager Tungate noting that she takes all the DPW's calls from residents and businesses, organizes the Beautification Awards Ceremony, and is now working on a city-wide GIS-based system. "She doesn't ask for credit, but she does her job quietly, professionally, and with grace. And, for that, I very much appreciate it," City Manager Tungate said.

For winning the award. Ms. Brown received several gifts. One in particular, you may find interesting. She received a coffee mug that says, "City Manager Erik Tungate thinks I'm a big deal!" Well, Tiffany, we do too! Congratulations.

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