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Congratulations Detective Robert Koch, Employee of the Year


Congratulations to Detective Robert Koch. At last night's City Council Meeting it was publicly announced that City Manager Erik Tungate has selected Detective Koch as the City's 2017 Employee of the Year. "The recipient of this award is someone that does their day-to-day job very well," said City Manager Tungate who spoke highly of Detective Koch's ability to look for unconventional projects to meet Public Safety initiatives. "He looks for every opportunity to add programs and put this City in the best position possible."

Detective Koch has been with the Public Safety Department for 14 years, receiving numerous citations including the prestigious Director's commendation. "Since my tenure as a Director, I have only given two in five years," state Director Cooper noting that the first commendation was provided to Detective Koch. Director Cooper highlighted Koch's ability to not only recommend innovative approaches to Community Policing, but to implement the plan with precision. "One of the things that sets Detective Koch apart is that he takes it from beginning to end and he'll have all those details worked out. It's really hard to say, "No" to something like that," said Director Cooper.

Detective Koch's accomplishments that are above and beyond his normal day-to-day responsibilities, include the creation of the popular Oak Park Ice Cream Patrol, resurrecting the Oak Park Citizens Academy, sitting on the Board of the Tri-Community Coalition, and working with high school students to develop their awareness of CSI techniques. "He has represented the City of Oak Park and the Public Safety Department in a very positive light," said Director Cooper. "I'm proud of him. I couldn't be more happy to have him as a member of our Public Safety team. And, like I said, it was an easy nomination for me...Keep up the good work!"

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