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2017 Leaf Collection Schedule

RESIDENTIAL CURBSIDE LEAF COLLECTION Begins October 16 Residents of Oak Park have two options when it comes to curbside leaf collection. For the first option, they can dispose of leaves along with regularly scheduled weekly refuse collection, see the City’s website for the schedule. To do so, leaves are to be placed in a paper compost bag no larger than 30-gallons or in a trash can no larger than 35-gallons, labeled with an Oak Park Yard Waste Recycling decal attached.

For the second option, residents can rake the leaves into the street in preparation of curbside leaf collection according to the 2017 Leaf Collection Schedule. With this option, residents are to rake the leaves at least four inches from the curb to discourage street drains from becoming blocked. Rake leaves to the curb at least one day earlier than the scheduled collection day. From October 16 to December 15, large vacuum trucks and loaders remove the leaves (please, no debris, brush or grass clippings) from the street. Remember, do not park on or near leaf piles on the day your street is scheduled for collection.